How Reality TV Can Launch Your Career

How Reality TV Can Launch Your Career

If you have the chance at being part of a reality TV show, might as well go take it especially if you plan to start a career or looking for some changes. Joining a reality TV show can actually give you a good idea on a potential career. It can serve as a training ground before you turn into professionals. If you have the talent for singing and you join, let’s say, American Idol or X-Factor, the pressures you will feel may emulate the pressures from being a professional singer. Of course, there will be friendships and partnerships that will be made along the way which in the end may actually help you in building your career. That definitely is the case for Samuel and Patricia of Spanish reality singing TV show Operacion Triunfo.

Samuel Cuenda and Patricia Navarro

During the last season of Operacion Triunfo back in 2009, the number of finalists that emerged from Academia de Operacion Triunfo 2009 has lessened compared to previous years. However, that did not stop relationships to be formed. Although it was sure that Samuel and Patricia were friends, fans started anticipating them to become more than just friends. By the end of the show, they placed 8th and 5th respectively.

Sadly, no official intimate relationship was formed between Samuel and Patricia, but if there was anything else that was formed, it was their careers. In 2010, they released their first and most popular song called “Recuerdame”. The song’s popularity grew so much that it became one of the contenders for the Spain National Selection. The winner would represent Spain at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Although they were unsuccessful, their careers continued to move forward. This was a huge turning point for both of their lives and to think it all started from a reality TV show. Add that to the fact that neither of them placed at least in the top 3 of that contest.

Other Reality TV Shows You May Want to Consider

● The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

Even when you plan to look for the love of your life by joining either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, it may still make you realize your priorities in life. Chris Soules who finished 3rd place in season 10 of The Bachelor was again invited for season 19 of The Bachelorette.


You may already know what Survivor as it is one of the longest running reality TV shows. Why list down your determination, abilities, and capabilities in a resume or CV when you can show them through Survivor?

● America’s Next Top Model

If you think you have what it takes to be the cover model for magazines, try yourself out in America’s Next Top model. Even watching the show will already give you a general idea what it feels like.

There are too many reality TV shows that can be mentioned. You just have to watch TV or search the internet and there will definitely be a lot available for almost any career you may want to take.