Positive Impact of Good Coaching

Positive Impact of Good Coaching

A good coach can change your life. He or she can make you a step out of your comfort zone and become a superstar. Forget stardom, you can even become the best in your field especially if you are well coached and actually enjoy what you are doing. When we think of coaching, we often think of sport; people with natural talent and ability who make us want to have a dream that we think is unrealistic and unattainable. Samuel Cuenda and Patricia Navarro are not footballers but yet still they managed to worm their way into the hearts of the Spanish population when they participated in Operación Triunfo (OT) a live singing competition. Their participation in the competition was individual and neither won. However, not long after they collaborated and are known collectively as Samuel y Patricia.  Here is a look at them singing.

Whilst the duo have always loved singing and music (something their family members could testify to), it wasn’t until they auditioned for the show where viewers chose their winners that they actually had a real shot at stardom. The thing is, reality television competitions provide a lot of opportunities for their contestants and whilst everyone obviously wants the prestige, title and prize money that comes with winning, they also want to benefit from the coaching they will receive. To the audience it may seem harsh but the coaching and even commentary have benefited many artists today. Some popular artists we know have actually been participants in these competitions.


The OT actually had a coaching facility with a head master. Samuel y Patricia had the opportunity to be trained by professionals, were given real life simulations and mentored. All their lives it may have seemed as though they knocked doors of opportunity but nothing really happened for them until they participated in the show. Many may believe that being on the show itself would have brought them popularity, but in reality we only remember the persons who win these shows, not their runners up and definitely not a fifth or eight placed contestant. However, I believe that the coaching they would have received from professional celebrities would have made them better singers so that they could follow their dreams.

We can only speculate on what happened behind the scenes but whatever they would have received on the OT was enough to make them Spain’s darlings and change their lives for the better. A lesson we can learn from their story; no matter where we are in our walk in life is that good coaching is necessary for success.