Simple, Awesome Ways to Lose Weight

Hi, readers! We hope you’re well! Today on the blog, we’re talking about simple, awesome ways to lose weight. These are straightforward principles we’re trying to follow on our health and wellness journey, and we think they’ll be helpful for anyone else who wants to come along!


The first thing to do to lose weight is to get cardio exercise. Cardio is the type of exercise that burns fat, which is what your excess weight really is. So, we try to get at least half an hour of cardio every day. It’s really made a difference for us, especially if we do it before breakfast. That’s the best time to burn fat, according to the articles we’ve read, and it definitely helps us feel like we’ve actually earned our breakfast. So, start with cardio exercises, whatever your overall fitness goals are!

After you start burning off fat, you should work on some strength exercises. Whether or not you’re trying to get “ripped” or just fit, strength exercises are really important to help your body support itself. A lot of us heavier folks don’t have good structural muscles which is why we have so many back and joint problems. So start doing the basics, like planks and squats to build up some basic strength before you move to anything with weights or medicine balls. We’ve also been told by our trainer that working on good posture can really help with weight, too. Having a straight back makes you work on back muscles, and it’s the same thing with your tummy area. Tucking it in and working on engaging those muscles helps prevent fatty areas there too.


The last big physical thing we’ve been working on is to try to find opportunities to do less sitting. Both of us are in office jobs, so that’s a big part of the problem, but even if you just sit down as soon as you get back from work, you’re probably sitting too much. That’s the main time you’re building up fat. We’ve been trying different things, like standing desks and just taking more breaks to stand up and stretch. But mainly when we get home is when we make big changes, like going for walks instead of watching as much TV. Any time you’re sitting, you’re burning a lot more calories than when you sit, and you also keep your metabolism moving faster.


More than any exercise, though, you have to fix your diet. That’s been the hardest part for us, since we’ve never been healthy eaters. We used to get maybe one or two servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but not more than that, and a lot of them were frozen or canned instead of fresh. We’ve been doing a lot better recently, but we’re still working on consistently getting to the 7-9 servings recommendation. You’re supposed to get 7-9 cups of fresh produce every day, either raw, or if you can’t squeeze them in, use a masticating juicer like we do to get a few servings at once in a glass of homemade juice–that’s really helped us get the numbers up.

We also try to cut out processed fats and carbs like red meats, lots of cheese, and white flour, so we’re eating more whole wheat breads and granola instead of garbage cereal. We’ve also been trying to eat lean protein instead of fatty red meats, so mostly fish and poultry instead of pork and ground beef.
So, what you need to do to lose weight is to do cardio, start building up strength, kick the habit of sitting so much, and eat a healthier diet that doesn’t put so many calories and processed things in your body. Those are the key things we’ve been working on, at least, but feel free to let us know what works for you, and tell us how you’ve been doing!

We Did Our Research and These Are the Best Juicers to Buy

Hi, readers! We’re back again with another post about nutrition, which is obviously one of the biggest things we’ve been focusing on in our journey to get healthy. We’ve struggled to get enough fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet, and even though we’ve gotten a lot better at it, we still aren’t as consistent as we want to be about making our meals more inclusive of different kinds of produce, especially when we both work long hours and we don’t have much time to cook and prep things.


So, we recently got into juicing, about 4 months ago or so. We were drawn to it (and keep enjoying it) because it’s kind of a shortcut to getting more servings of fruits, vegetables, and greens, even though it’s not really a shortcut because there’s no downside. Even if we don’t have time to make the most nutritious meal in the world, we can make a glass of juice.


We had already been kind of juicing, of sorts, as a morning routine. We’d read a lot of different things about wheatgrass juice back when we were first starting to really learn about nutrition for the first time. It’s apparently very good for getting your metabolism working better, especially in the morning, and it was kind of a nice way to just change the tone of our diet first thing out of bed. It’s full of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, as well as live things because it’s from grass that’s just been picked. We had started to do half an hour of exercise before breakfast, and then we thought we’d have a shot of wheatgrass juice after the workout while we put some breakfast together, as a way to get us to think of things that weren’t donuts and bacon.


It’s been really good so far: it’s like a mini-cleanse first thing in the morning, and even though we’re not traditional hippies, you can definitely feel the “life” in the juice instead of the heavy fats and gluten we’ve been used to. We also found (and this might just be the taste, which, trust us… takes some getting used to) that it’s a nice boost, even though it’s not a stimulant or anything. It perks us up, even better than coffee, even though that might be the bitterness talking.


After we’d been going on the wheatgrass for a bit, we decided it would be good to start juicing other things, at least to try to get more fruits and vegetables through the day. It’s something we’ve struggled with, and when we bought our juicer, we were still barely getting above 3 or 4 servings a day, so we needed a big boost.


The first time of the day we started introducing it was after work, in that time when we had just got home and were hungry before dinner time. It’s kind of ideal for drinking juice, because you’re in the kitchen anyway, and it’s a nice snack before dinner that doesn’t spoil your appetite and it’s a really good pick me up after the office. We still have a glass each at that time, and then when we’re home on weekends, we usually add another one in during the morning as a snack.


We were total newbies as far as juicers when we started going shopping, but we thankfully happened upon a really good guide that helped us out with the wheatgrass juicer, which is what we bough first. We ended up going with one called a Hurricane that we found on It’s really great, even though it’s a more expensive one. We were fine with paying more because we knew we wanted to have this as part of our routine, and the other ones seemed really breakable. The Hurricane is all metal, like one of those old apple peelers and corers you clamp onto a countertop. We haven’t had any trouble so far and that was really good during the learning stages, to have something that we could make mistakes on without worrying too much. Definitely a recommendation to you if you’re getting into wheatgrass, because it’s a lot better than the others that we’ve seen for sale.

We spent a little more time shopping for our main, all-purpose juicer, mostly because there are so many more options for those as opposed to the ones just for wheatgrass. But we wanted to go the same route, which is to find something rock-solid we wouldn’t have to worry about. We read a lot of different juicing blogs, which all mentioned the Champion, which is another one we’d seen on our review site when we were browsing. It seems to be the go-to for people who have been juicing a long time, and have been through a few of the breakable ones.


The Champion is a slow juicer, which means it gnaws and squeezes through things instead of whizzing them up with a blade like a fast juicer. It’s super powerful, and we haven’t had any trouble with carrots and ginger and tough things like that, as long as we cut them up into strips first. We bought it because it has teeth on the spinning crusher bit, which have metal edges. None of the cheaper ones had those, and we read that the metal teeth are what you really want for greens, which we wanted to add it. It definitely does the trick, at least on spinach and kale, which are the only ones we’ve tried so far.

The other big reason we got it is that it’s really rugged, like our wheatgrass juicer. It’s the only one we found that’s made with nylon instead of plastic, and the thing about nylon is that it can’t break or bend, so the whole thing is basically indestructible. We wanted a machine that would last, and according to reviews online, we should probably be good for at least a decade. So that’s pretty cool.


We use it for greens, apples, and pears a lot, since those are our favorites, and it also makes lovely carrot and beet juice, and we haven’t found anything that can slow it down.
So, yeah, we found all of these on Juicer Elite Club, so definitely check them out if you’re looking. We can at least attest to the Hurricane and the Champion, but we’d trust their other recommendations as well. And we also want to take this chance to encourage you to try juicing, if you haven’t already! It’s a super easy thing to do, and it’s made us feel a lot better since we started.